What does

the Bible say?


The original story is found in the Bible, the historical part of the story is told us in first 4 books at the start of the New Testament, the Gospels. The authors of these books, all directed by God, tell us the story of the life, work, words, death and resurrection of Jesus. Then much of the rest of the New Testament give a lot of information about why Jesus died and the impact that it has on us.  

These four authors are Matthew, MarkLuke and John

You can read the story in full for each story by clicking on the names above and it will take you to an online version of the Bible to read and even listen to at your leisure. The link takes you to the events of Palm Sunday just one week before Jesus death and you can pick up the story in each gospel from there.  Each of the gospel writers must have believed these final days before Jesus death and resurrection were important as they dedicate a large proportion of their books to these events.